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As in every edition, VolterraTeatro offers several workshops. Occasions for meeting, exchange and relations with other ideologies, other themes, other points of view and other cultures. Occasion for inquiring into that themes faced by the artists present at Festival, for knowing their stories and their creative and human paths.
VolterraTeatro confirms his vocation to be a place where young people, fans of theatre and art, audience in general, can meet concretely and lively the masters of theatre, in order to share and understand their work. Masters of art, directors, acrobats, dancers, poets, actors and videomakers will let you know their works through the eight workshops of this XXI edizton of Festival VolterraTeatro 07

Mimmo Cuticchio, the most important master of art of Pupi and pupil of the last Sicilian cuntastorie (when I were child, playing with pupi, they seemed big like men…), will arrange a study about word that becomes a narration, with a workshop on oral tradition and improvisation in narrating stories, narrations and tales.
The use of body and gestures will be the theme chosen by Compagnia Tardito/Rendina (What I would learn is not a shape or a style, rather the recognition of those principles that live in a body on movement's service) with their elegant, sensual and ironic style that characterizes their work, while the acrobatic dancers Super Mambo will propose a work on the African acrobatic art: acquiring strength, reliability in other people and fun; the company Teatro di Nascosto will organize a path for familiarizing with Teatro Reportage, together with a close examination about actor training using the Oriental theory of grammar through feet".

Also for this year VolterraTeatro will dedicate a workshop on the use of mask, trained by Gianni Gronchi, who will face the relation between mask and face, everyday life and theatre.
Ten different ways of reacting to the same unexpected event: compagnia Rodisio will come back to VolterraTeatro for reflecting on emotions, on the environment that causes them, on the manner in which they manifestate themselves and their consequences.
The Tuscan company Sacchi di Sabbia will offer a workshop concerning comics and its extreme exasperation. And who feels himself as an actor in crisis or healthy carrier of oddities, we will have a clinic, a kind of theatre Babbaluck, that will try to take care of each kind of "theatrepatologies".

Workshop registrations: we communicate you need to download the form and send it compiled before 15th July via mail at or via fax al n. +39 0588 90528
For more information: Andrea Toscani, Carte Blanche 0588 086127

Detailed descriptions of workshop and enrolling form are attached

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  • Cunti of oral tradition and improvisations
    Mimmo Cuticchio
    24th - 25th - 26th July
    Mimmo Cuticchio is the heir of two ancient traditions: member of a family of Sicilian pupari, he has been also pupil of the last Sicilian cuntastorie. His theatre puts together the art of puppetry and the traditional technique of oral and fabulating narration, - based on the fascination of word, so that the narration can stay in the memory and survive - blurring tradition and experimentation. The workshop "Cunti of oral tradition and improvisation" will offer to the participants the occasion for working on the rule of narrator, on the improvisation, on the stage setting, on the meaning of word and sound, on the word as rhytm, on body movement, on facial and visual expressions.

  • Il corpo appoggiato
    Compagnia Tardito/Rendina
    27th - 28th July
    "Quel che vorrei trasmettere non è una forma o uno stile, piuttosto il riconoscimento dei principi che abitano un corpo al servizio del movimento".
    The aim of the Compagnia Tardito/Rendina workshop for VolterraTeatro is that of rediscovering and putting into practice the functional resources of the body universe, in order to make effective and sensitive the connection with the ground, with his own body, with the body of others.
    In the dance, the body makes connection with the space and have to live it: Tardito/Rendina will convey their delicate humour to this work

  • Laboratorio di Teatro Reportage
    Teatro di Nascosto - Hidden Theatre
    23rd - 24th - 25th - 26th - 27th - 28th July
    The workshop is based on the daily work meetings with Annet Henneman, Ana Woolf and Faycal El Mezouar.
    Teatro di Nascosto has developed in the last nine years a work of "Teatro Reportage", creating a link betwwen theatre and journalism where protagonists are the people voices, situations, personal and collective stories, people in troubles, hidden histories. For the reason we have travelled in Turkey, Kurdistan, Iran, Iraq, India and we have narrated the stories of people we met; then, we founded an academy of teatro reportage for refugees where they becomes protagonists of their stories.
    This workshop will be focused on war. The life of a city involved in a war. At the end of the workshop, who will take part in it could be protagonist to the study of di Teatro Reportage "Città in Guerra".
    During the workshop, a part of the training will be held by Ana Woolf, who will develop a training based on Tadashi Suzuki's theories (the grammar of feet) and by Faycal El Mezouar as regards the musical part.

  • Kuruka ( Flying). African flying Circus
    Super Mambo Acrobatic Team
    African acrobatic art must be learned especially through fun.
    Teachers of acrobatic dance for the TV show Reality Circus, the members of the company from Kenya Super Mambo perform a spectacular acrobatic art that seems to use all the possible muscular combinations of human body.
    In this workshop they will try to understand the different skills of each person in order to fix a shared point of departure; they will focus on the acquisition of the essential strength for acrobatics and on the learning of basic techniques, and on the development of mutual trust fundamental for doing them. among who will participate

  • T'Ammazzo prima io
    Compagnia Rodisio
    By Manuela Capece and Davide Doro
    25th - 26th - 27th - 28th July
    Ten different manners of living a situation, ten or more different reactions if you discover you will die in few times.
    "Ten men go to ten doctors. Each doctor tells each man he has only two weeks of life. Five of the ten men begin to cry. Three get mad. One smiles. The last one is silent, thoughtful. Ok, he says. He hasn't any reaction. The furious men, when meet, don't need the no reaction man. They leap upon him and kill him barehanded."
    This place, this space is also hostile, persistent in waiting until something will happen.
    How long will we wait before anything will happen?

  • " (Ripetere) Maschere Quotidiane"
    Gianni Gronchi
    23rd - 24th - 25th - 26th - 27th - 28th - 29th July
    Facing the concept of mask beginning from the face and arriving to all surround it. Mask is not just something you wear in the surface, but it can hidden another identity, or becoming itself a face.

  • Comics
    Sacchi di Sabbia
    By Giovanni Guerrieri and Giulia Gallo
    24th - 25th - 26th July
    Comics is a work about the comics starting from the most different materials ( from the comics to the text, the illustration…….).
    Using the comician tools until making them bad, exasperating them, losing them.

  • Ambulatorio teatrale
    Workshop for artists in crisis
    Compagnia Babbaluck
    by Sergio Longobardi, Fabio Palmieri, Luca Acito
    23rd - 24th - 25th - 26th - 27th - 28th July
    Advisable for: summary judgement, prejudice, egotism, frustration, anxiety and clumsy job by technicians, extreme conviction, uncertainty, artist's performance anxiety, spectator's performance anxiety, boredom, envy, excess of criticism………….
    In the theatre outpatients' department we will test on us, as we were guinea pigs, the treatments that will let us take care or not of "theatre-pathologies" and the "actors-diseases", our "theatrological" anxieties. We will make a movie on our own, beginning from Faust story, as only possibile remedy to our crisis.

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