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Come Arrivare a Volterra

How to reach Volterra by car

It' s easy to reach Volterra even though, being it 555 m.a.l.m., the last kilometres are winding.
You can reach Volterra following three main ways: from Cecina (40 kms), from Colle Val d'Elsa (28 kms) or from Pontedera (48 kms).

from Milan (328 kms)
Motorway A1, towards Bologna.
To reach Parma, to take the motorway A15, towards La Spezia.
To reach the motorway A12, towards Livorno.
To reach the way SS1, towards Cecina.
Exit point Cecina nord and then to follow the way SS68/Via Volterrana

from Bologna (166 kms)
Motorway A1, towards Florence.
Exit point Firenze Certosa, and then to follow the way towards Siena.
Exit point Colle Val d'Elsa Nord and then to follow way SS68 to Volterra.

from Florence (70 kms)
To take Racc. Autostradale Florence Siena
Exit point Colle Val d'Elsa Nord and then to follow the way SS68 to Volterra.

from Rome (244 kms)
Motorway A1, towards Florence.
Exit point Firenze Certosa and then to follow the way towards Siena.
Exit point Colle Val d'Elsa Nord and then to follow the way SS68 to Volterra.

Autostrade per l'Italia. (
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Parking in Volterra
These are the car parks availble in Volterra, with their fees:
  • P 1: P.zza Martiri della libertà, metered parking.
    1,50 € 1h
    11,00 € 24h
    6,00 € during the night 19:00-9:00. Open from h. 6:00 to 24:00.
  • P 2: Piazza Marcoli - for free
  • P 3: Porta Docciola - for free (lots for campers are available)
  • P 4: Porta Fiorentina - fee 3,00 € per days
  • P 5: Vallebona - for free
  • P Vecchia Stazione, free 3,00 € per days  up

    By train

    The fastest solution for getting to Volterra by train is to catch Eurostar trains, that link the main Italian cities to Florence and then catch a bus for Volterra. The regional transport lines are longer but cheaper: the nearest railway stations are in Cecina and in Pontedera, linked to Volterra by buses…
    Saline di Volterra railway station, 10 kms far from Volterra centre, is linked to Cecina railway station only by buses.

    More information on train schedule at Trenitalia website.


    By bus
    Public transports for Pisa, Pontedera and Volterra, urban and extraurban areas are managed by Compagnia Pisana Trasporti S.p.a. (CPT).
    More information on bus schedule for extraurban lines from and to Volterra are available calling CPT Call Center 800012773 or browsing on CPT website at the following links:

    For connections towards Siena and Florence, to reach Colle Val d'Elsa by CPT lines and then to use the following Sita Toscana services:
    Sita Toscana.


    By plane

    The nearest airports are in Pisa and in Florence.
    More information on airplanes schedule ara available browsing on the following websites:
    Aeroporto di Pisa
    Aeroporto di Firenze


    The airport is directly connected to Pisa central railway station with departures every 30 minutes. The railway station is just close to Departures Hall. You can buy the ticket at Information Office at Arrivals Hall.
    Shuttles departures:
    Compagnia Pisana Trasporti CPT connects the airport and Pisa centre every 20 minutes. The ticket is €0,80 and is valid for an hour on all the urban area, You can buy it at Office Information in the airport or at bus end of the through the automatic machine. The end of the line is just close to the Departures side.
    Bus schedule:

    In about 20 minutes you can reach the city centre (Firenze S. M. Novella railway station) with the shuttle Ataf-Sita. Departures from the airport every 30 minutes, from h. 6.00 to 20.30, every one hour from h. 20.30 to 23.30. Departures from city centre every 30 minutes from h. 5.30 to 20.00, every one hour from h. 20.00 to 23.00. You can buy the ticket on the bus ( 4,00 € for a run )

    Ataf Information
    phone number 800.424500

    Sita Information
    phone number 800.373760
    Mon/Fri 8.00-19.00 - Sat/Sun 08.00-13.00


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