Volterrateatro 2007

XXI edition of FESTIVAL VOLTERRATEATRO organized by Associazione Carte Blanche with the artistic direction of Armando Punzo takes place in Volterra and Pomarance, Castelnuovo V.C., Montecatini V.C. and Monteverdi M.mo from 16th to 29th July 2007.

Festival is promoted by: Comune di Volterra, Regione Toscana, Provincia di Pisa, Comuni di Pomarance, Castelnuovo V.C., Montecatini V.C., Monteverdi M.mo, Comunità Montana Alta Val di Cecina, Provincia di Pisa, Regione Toscana and Azienda Asa Livorno. Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra, always committed in supporting local cultural manifestations and events, will give their fundamental support also for this edition.

I conceived a Festival that doesn't exist

We need to imagine the Festival as a big orchestra with lost of instruments, able to produce a symphony that is forgetfulness.
Oblivion from our supposed social being and that causes the raise of other.
The wish of not being part of a world that seems to be -according to others- the best possible and of humankind as it is.
A composition that leads us to look for the middle land where we can see what we are and we can glimpse what we could be.
When the vision becomes listening, it causes oblivion, it goes against nature. It acts for creating a second nature. A second nature to wish.

Quoting Leopardi with regard to music: "the idea of the opposite of the ugliness, that is the beauty (…) that means the idea we haven't is, not merely beyond nature, and neither based on nature nor produced by nature, but against nature".

What we don't know, or we forget for advantage, absent-minded/tempted only by being on the limelight, like tele-visionic spectacularity, for someone the best vision to aim at - poorer and poorer and deprived of other visions disappearing those of the Realm officers, the only to that, trouble among troubles, a lot of Administrators aim at to refer as amusing and utilitarian stupid-maker alterity - is that a Festival dis-desings the existence like non-existent and false, unveils the hypocrisy, reports the social crime against the defenceless Being, excludes and replaces, doesn't confirm. Theatres of Impossible were born to be against nature.

Politics, in-formation comply with the nature of humankind, promote the adhesion to the primary needs and escape from another possibility, another nature different from that we know and that being the human one, is full of disasters because of its natural adhesion to its natural being. That is not natural, but just the result of a general social pretence that, in order to mitigate the danger of the human nature and to put it under its control, has assumed a character make-up. Like the un-lucky well-bred boy of Collodi, keeping the illusion of being protagonist on the social scene under the mask of his restrained everyday life, like that of the theatre.
Protagonists, of course, but quoting Laborit, just like dominated by the old dominants, loved-hated exactly for their ability in dominating economically everything and everybody.

To understand each other, as a company of strolling players who has decided to let perform its puppets the rule of exemplary citizens, moved by fundamental values, but being also it a stage pretence, it can be betrayed how and when you want.
The desire of living a part is a rule. The desire of leaving a part without even knowing why and for going anywhere, is a rule too.
The stylistic imperfection, the inaccuracy, the hard reliability of actors make a bad show to forget.
Probably that's why a theatre of wood prevails in this Festival (means permitting, of course. Armando Punzo

Compagnia della Fortezza, Mimmo Cuticchio, Teatro del Carretto, Teatro delle Ariette, Giovanni Allevi, Paolo Rossi, Compagnia Tardito Rendina, Babbaluck, Sacchi di Sabbia, Zaches Teatro, Teatro di Nascosto - Hidden Theatre, Compagnia Rodisio, Jagdish Bhatt, Ceramiche Lineari, Giacomo Trinci, Mimoun El Barouni, Rejia Islander Taifouri, Premio Scenario, Super Mambo Acrobatic Team, Maniscalco Maldestro, Massimo Marino, Claudio Fantozzi, Gianni Gronchi, Pier Nello Manoni, Arianna Fumagalli, Stefano Vaja, Pasquale Vaira

Carte Blanche - Centro Nazionale Teatro e Carcere
Teatro di San Pietro - Via Don Minzoni 49
56048 - Volterra (Pi)
tel.0588 80392 fax. 0588 90528

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