VolterraTeatro 2011

XXV edition of VOLTERRATEATRO FESTIVAL managed by Associazione Carte Blanche and directed by Armando Punzo took place in Volterra and Pomarance, Castelnuovo Val di Cecina and Montecatini Val di Cecina from 18th to 31 of July 2011.

Festival VolterraTeatro is promoted by Comune di Volterra, Regione Toscana, Provincia di Pisa, Comuni di Pomarance, Castelnuovo V.C., Montecatini V.C. - Thanks to Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina Valdera, Idealcoop e Nuova Idealcoop for their important contribution. Special thanks to Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra for their support.

Volterra is a marvelous city, able to contain among its ancient and precious walls the magic of culture and international events. Here can live togheter in a unique reality the innovation of experimental theater - widely acclaimed by national and foreign press - with events imbued with tradition and yet transformed by the use of new technologies. Among its fascinating streets and squares Volterra proudly hosts to the force of history and the power of innovation.
A must-go event on the agendas of spectators and players from all over Italy and abroad, VolterraTeatro, under the artistic direction of Armando Punzo, consolidated its vocation for research, experimentation and avant-garde ranging from theater to music, from artistic cinema to poetry, dance, exhibitions and workshops.

The poles of attraction for VolterraTeatro 2011 will be the Square and the Prison. These two places will be the absolute protagonists of this twenty-fifth edition, which aims to pay homage to the two landmarks that have accompanied and characterized the city's cultural history in recent decades. Two places usually facing each other, that only the power of art has managed to unite symbolically transforming them into unique and irreplaceable stages.
Happy festival!

Mercuzio refuses to die
Oh, Thoughtlessness! Thoughtlessness! Oh, thoughtful Thoughtlessness! This could be the final line shout by a jouyful Mercuzio deadly wounded in the streets of his Verona.
I cannot think any best wish to scream and wisper all together while celebrating the 25th edition of Volterra Teatro. Never before like this same year, the main theme of the Festival comes to match with the new representation performed by the Compagnia della Fortezza. Two different and separate entities that pool their resources together and become able to join forces and aims in order to host the artists on an ideal stage binding the free and the recluded communities present in the city of Volterra. Surpassing this significative milestone, the Festival holds on and rises its targets even higher, despite the finantial cuts operated by the central government in favour of cultural activities and the always bigger organizative difficulties. Limits that made the Festival even more aware, even more meticolous in its choices and in the research of the inner essence of its being.
In the death of Mercuzio you may found the death of a world, of a fundamental dimension in the nature of men. Whitout this dimension human life is dwindling towards tragedy.
Artists, intellectuals, may be trampled, sacrificed like under any totalitarism, even when democracy rules. Democracy itself could be a non indulgent tyrant in the same manner. The rights of free thinking and free expression of anyone's ideas become a mere illusion if all the bridges between the cultural institutions and the fruitors of these freedoms (that only culture and knowledge could give) are cut and torn to pieces.
Times, modes, political seasons may change, but the connection between intellectuals and power is timeless. Everytime, everywhere this connection is made with subjugation and marginalization for those who refuse to conform themselves, by the means of the money being held in the purse of powerful men. The possible exempla of this conduct are many in every age of history: an everlasting gallery of artists and educated minds has turned the habit in an unwritten rule.
In the “Lezioni Americane” Calvino spoke about the Leggerezza (Thoughtlessness, but in a broader sense) of Mercuzio and found other bearers of this extraordinary quality in the lap of authors and their literary creatures. Perseus, that lives in a world populated by monsters, who behead Medusa and flies away with winged sandals. Montale, who compared Perseo's sandals with Lucifer's wings while he was flying over the western cities. Milan Kundera and his masterpiece (L'Insostenibile Leggerezza dell'Essere), Lucretius and his De Rerum Natura, Ovidius and his Metamorphoses, Cavalcanti, Paul Valery, Emily Dickinson, Henry James, Don Quijote and his unpredicted flight as a result of his charge against the windmills: all of them are the members of a brotherhood of elected spirits. People, just people, in someone's opinion; some of them even being considered just characters born in someone else's fantasy.
These “brothers” will be the main guests of this 25th edition of our Volterra Teatro. A band of Mercuzi who simply refuse to lay down and die, moved by a picaresque, joyful Thoughtlessness which they use to counter and challenge the thoughtful stasys and darkness of the everyday world.
Armando Punzo

A thought to Franco Quadri and Piera Rolandi for friendship, the attention and the support they gave us.

VolterraTeatro 2011 Festival Preview

Simone Cristicchi & Tommaso Taddei and Emiliano Terreni
C.I.M. - Nuove Storie dal Manicomio del Mondo
9 luglio 2011

Festa della Luce - first edition

The event you can't miss out

The creations of Danny Rose will be released site specific for the piazze of Volterra and Pomarance. These location will be turned in a sort of Opéra Lumière, where - with the means of sounds, images, voices, and the surrounding landscape - the beholder will be caught by the magic that only a dream can give.
The aim of this first edition of the Festa della Luce is polimorphing the cities visited in theatres without roof, without walls and to celebrate this new art , which turns old stones in a web able to catch the colours of light.

the images of the event

Gran Ballo d'Italia (The Great Italian Dance)
27 luglio 2011 - Centro storico, Pomarance

Cenografia - Viaggio in Italia (The Italian travel)
29 luglio 2011 - Piazza dei Priori, Volterra

Trance Continental Experience
30 luglio 2011 - Piazza dei Priori, Volterra

L'Illusionista (The illusionist)
31 luglio 2011 - Piazza dei Priori, Volterra

The Volterra Jailhouse project 2011

Keeping alive its vocation as a workshop of culture, the Fortress of Volterra - while keeping alive the project aiming at the creation of a permanent Theatre inside its walls - will be invaded as during the capture of the Bastille: the invaders being this time a bunch of theatrical companies and artists which left their mark on the stages of our country. They will turn the unusual spaces of the Maschio in a stage where new theatrical representations, or some adapted to these strange theatre, will be performed together with improvisations, musical interludes, projections and many other events.

And so, beside the Compagnia della Fortezza, the Jailhouse of Volterra will proudly host some of the most creative and talented nouns that committed themselves to the excellence of the italian theatre: Pippo Delbono, Ermanna Montanari and Marco Martinelli from Teatro delle Albe, Fanny & Alexander, Francesca Mazza, Compagnia Rezza/Mastrella, Fortebraccio Teatro, accademia degli artefatti, Compagnia del Teatro dell'Argine, Teatro delle Ariette, Compagnia Tardito/Rendina, Isole Comprese Teatro, Generazione Scenario, the poets Giacomo Trinci and Lidia Riviello, Enrico Pantani, Quartiere Tamburi, Controquintetto.

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