NON MI RICORDO (I don’t remember)


NON MI RICORDO (I don’t remember)
direction Corrado Nuzzo, Maria Di Biase

Ginetta goes back the fundamental steps of her life in couple,but she can’t find any confirms in her partner: he can’t remember his past, and they face the oblivion with an ironic cheerfulness. Evocative audio–video precences rinforce the contrast/continuity between past and present, witnessing the importance of documents. The recollection of the night when the accident that caused the lack of memory occured is really intense. Pino’s letters sent to Ginetta during the military service are a precious document that gives evidence to who and how was Pino before the trauma that took his memory away. These are the words of a young Pino, who fought for a better world and loved his partner. During the deep coma, those words show Ginetta how to face this further test: “living doesn’t mean to dream and wish, living means to understand and struggle”, revealing the secret of the strength of their relationship.

In September 2006 Pino’s letters have arrived in the last ten positions in the Pieve Prize of Archivio Diaristico Nazionale” in Pieve Santo Stefano (AR) established by Saveria Tutino. After 11 years from the accident that made him disabled taking his memory away past re-emerge in Pieve, with all its human and historical meaning. “Non mi ricordo” was born in Pieve.

July 25th 2016 – 6.30 p.m.