P.I.P.A. (Self-managed Citizens’ meeting point)

22 July 2014 @ 22:30 – 23:45

Teatro delle Ariette

P.I.P.A. (Self-managed Citizens’ meeting point)
free entrance with the “Carry and eat!” project

Why do we always have to exchange money for services? Why do we never try to base our relatonships on participation rather than on consumption?
To answer these questions, we want to build with you a space for exchange, for sociality and for encounter. Like a gathering of some old friends: everyone brings something to eat or to drink (as you prefer). Please feel free to bring things also in the afternoon, we have a fridge to store food and drinks. We look forward to see you!

Paola and Stefano
Volterra, Courtyard of  ITCG
from 22nd to 26th 10.30 p.m.