ManuTenere (maintenance) – video installation

25 July 2014 @ 22:00 – 23:45

ManuTenere  (maintenance)
video installation project
curated by Manola Del Testa e Max Pinucci
with ALP Animation Light Project
collaboration MBVision


The Old City Centre will host a video art installation inspired by the Creativity Light project. Ppictures related to the idea of “the wound” will be video projected on the facade of the palaces.
A lot of hands separate from each other and get far, then interlock and close up.
The palace rips open, the place of consent gets injured. CHAOS!
Mental doors get open and closed. And a lot of hands come back…
…hands of a community which cannot accept the pain, the wound connects them.
…hands of a community which wants to survive, the wound strengthens them.
…hands of a community which wants its life back, the wound gives hope to them.

Volterra – Town center
25th july, from 10 p.m.