L’atterraggio dello Skillinger – exhibition

21 July 2014 @ 10:30 – 19:30

The landing of the Skillinger
exhibition / art installation
by Michele Munno

The picture that Michele Munno took of Skillinger (real name of the irregular artist Vincenzo Sciandra) represents him just a second before touching the ground. Skillinger’s body represent the elastic moment when it becomes a bullet. Then he writes, with his own blood, about the cold and gelid landscapes, about the thousands different sides of his identity, about his schizophrenia and his feeling to be “out of place”. Therefore, the exhibition will focus on the jump seen as the practice of the misplaced, it will consist of a full-sized painting of Skillinger and the works he created at Michele Munno’s atelier.

Special thanks to Atelier Adriano and Michele ofl Fatebenefratelli in San Colombano al Lambro for providing us with Vincenzo Sciandra’s works.

Volterra – Saletta del Giudice Conciliatore
(Piazza dei Priori)
from 21st to 27th July – from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM