KONFLITTO – exhibition

Anche se m’impegno, non digerisco il cetriolo
by Enrico Pantani


The typical summer dishes are full of the disgusting cucumber (in Italian “cetriolo”), I really try to like it, but at last I always end up hating it.
Of course it’s not just a gastronomic issue, my works are about the cucumber because I do not want to speak ill of somebody in particular, I just want to declare separately that there are some kind of situations that I do not digest, just like the cucumber. It’s an eternal conflict (in Italian “conflitto”), or rather a Konflict, putting a K to emphasize the anger to make it more visible.
An example? I call “cucumber” an hypocrite.

Volterra – Exhibition space in Via Turazza
from 21st to 27th July, from 10:30 AM on