25 July 2014 @ 22:00 – 23:45

Officinae Efesti
One thousand of lights, one wish for Volterra

The people share their desires with an harmonic original simplicity. Hundreds of lighting lanterns, floating in the sky over Volterra following the rules of the Khom Loy ritual. We all have the desire to take care of the city and ourselves, all the hope of people who want to build again their community and to mend the wound of the earth. The ritual of casting lanterns from the place of the Wound will actually be a big crowdfunding campaign: people, who symbolically entrust the sky a desire for Volterra, will be able to contribuite economically to rebuild the collapsed walls. A short video will tape and share on the web to spread the solidarity from the square to the sky, from the real community to the virtual community.

I believe that people are not fond of what belongs to them, but rather what they share with the others: from their houses to the public square, from their individual egos to the collective ego.
Officinae Efesti

The object of the crowdfunding project will be the wall of Via Lungo le Mura, symbol of the social life and the artistic ferment of the place.
*The lanterns are eco-friendly, biodegradable and fireproof

Volterra – Town center
25th july, from 12 a.m. lanterns distribution in Piazza dei Priori
10 p.m. throwing Khom loy, Piazzetta dei Fornelli