Volterrateatro 06

It is going to be the 20th edition of the Festival: a brand new starting point.
VOLTERRATEATRO, inserted in one of the wonderful cities of Italy, full of culture, history and art, becomes the centre where the comparison between innovation and tradition lead to methods and ideas for the future and for nowadays. VOLTERRATEATRO wants to be, not only a showcase, but a place where "theatre could be met and experienced". A feature reinforced during the years, shaping the identity of the Festival. Together with the presentation of artistic projects and performances, the Festival is characterized by workshops, labs and meetings, conducted by the artists invited.
Adding to this, presentations of movies, books, dvd and exhibitions dealing with themes linked with theatre. The Festival creates different paths overstepping in dance, videos, visual arts, creativity of childhood and the artistic research at all, letting the public go through and share themes, stories, paths and lives. A Festival as a reference point for everybody wants to understand the world of artists, with all its contradictions and poetry, violence and passions, weakness, madness and crisis.
Armando Punzo

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