TEATRO NATURALE? (natural theatre?)

21 July 2014 @ 17:00 – 18:30

Teatro delle Ariette
TEATRO NATURALE? (natural theatre?)
Me, the cous cous and Albert Camus

by Paola Berselli and Stefano Pasquini
with Paola Berselli and Stefano Pasquini
direction Stefano Pasquini
production Teatro delle Ariette 2012

This contemporary work is about a 17-year-old girl who follows her love and goes through an odyssey which eventually will lead her to discoveries and defeats, travelling from Bologna to France, to the Mediterranean, to Spain and then to Algeria. Her past weaves together with the present of the theatrical act yet still living in the now-and-here dimension.

Teatro Naturale? It’s a work about the past, which we relate during the show, and the present, where we play the show. Because theatre is always about the present, even when it tells things happened many years ago.
During the performance we will prepare couscous. It’s not a typical Italian meal, though couscous and pasta are the same to me: tastes of a memory living in the present.
Stefano Pasquini

Prison of Volterra – Kafka space
21st july, 5 p.m.