by Danny Rose    

Dove e quando:
Piazza dei Priori, Volterra - 30 Luglio ore 22.00

Written and directed by Sergio Carrubba
Visual direction by Paola Ciucci
Images and animations realized by Lucia Frigola, Giuseppe Ragazzini, Yan Wang
Soundscape by Emanuele De Raymondi and Marco Messina

An hypnotical journey trough ethnical musics from five continents able to turn the medieval piazza in an extraordinary modern work of art, with the colours of the world.  A very particular event, able to involve te public in a motional atmoshpere, made by lights, sounds, and the live performance of two virtuosi: Emanuele De Raymondi e Marco Messina (99 Posse).

Danny Rose was born from the experience of Sergio Carrubba and Paola Ciucci, who in the last twenty years have directed the work of a well known éuipe of artist active in Paris. This ensemble created scenes which were represented all around the world. Some of the most famous have been held during the white night in Barcelona, the closing ceremony of the late Winter Olimpics in Salt Lake City, or in the "Notte Tricolore" (celebrated in the suggestive location of the ancient Markets built by Emperor Traian at Rome). Last in chronological order, we may account the successes and the credit received for the Gothic Dream performed in Piazza del Campo and during the "Expo  multimediale" in Siena, and for The Soul and the Music held at Theatre S. Maria della Scala. 
The creations of Danny Rose will be released site specific for the squares of Volterra and Pomarance. These location will be turned in a sort of Opéra LumiÈre, where - with the means of sounds, images, voices, and the surrounding landscape - the beholder will be caught by the magic that only a dream can give.   
The aim of this first edition of the Festa della Luce is polimorphing the cities visited in teathers without roof, without walls and to celebrate this new art , which turns old stones in a web able to catch the colours of light.

Marco Messina is musician, sound designer and productor.
He was born in Napoli (where still lives), where in the 90s, he created the 99 Posse, band with which has registered 5 albums, selling more than half a million copies.
In 2001, with the Retina.it, he gave birth to the label Mousikelab, leader in Italy for electronic music. In 2002 he started to interest himself in sountracks, working for teather, cinema and tv series. The same year he realized with Meg the tracks that meddle with the visionary adaptation of Shakespeare's "Tempest", directed by Giancarlo Cauteruccio and put on stage by the Krypton Group. In 2007 he started a cooperation with director Pietro Marcello and composed the soundtracks for his films. The most famous is for sure "La bocca del lupo" (the mouth of the wolf), a documentary produced by Indigo film winner of prizes like David di Donatello (best documentary) and the Torino Film Festival (best movie).
Some of his compositions have been included in famous tv series CSI, The L Word, Dark Blue.
He manages the Mousikelab Studio, which lies in the centre of Napoli.

Emanuele de Raymondi born in Rome and graduated at Berklee School of Music di Boston and perfectioned his tecnique in modern guitar at the Musicians Institute di Los Angeles. His musical knowledge and expertise cross many different styles and are indebted by different suggestions and influences: from rock to jazz, from musica da camera and sinphonic to electronic music, his production involves baroque instruments as well as computer music, pop and experimental avant-garde. He wrote soundtracks for some movies, for teather, television, artistic displays and mixed-media. His works have been performed all around the world by international virtuosi like violinist Jennifer Choi, pianist Kathleen Supove, Oguz Buyukberber and his clarinet (just to mention some). Some of these have been acclaimed in festivals like Biennale di Venezia, Festival di Locarno, Prix-Italia (Taormina), The Stone (New York), Berlin Fashion Week, Istanbul New Music Days, Tribeca New Music Festival; others are still played in musical channels like WPS1 Art Radio (MoMA). In the second part of 2011 de Raymondi will publish "Buyukberber Variations", his first album under the newyorker label ZeroKilled Music.