Simone Cristicchi - Tommaso Taddei and Emiliano Terreni of Gogmagog


 Performance of theatre and song

Dove e quando:
Pista di pattinaggio Charcot 9 luglio ore 20.00
Visite guidate al Padiglione Ferri ore 15.00 - 16.30

Under the direction of Simone Cristicchi and Gogmagog
with Simone Cristicchi, Emiliano Terreni e Tommaso Taddei
accordion: Michele Ranieri
light designer: Stefano Iacovitti
music taken from the Albums Fabbricante di canzoni and Dall'altra parte del cancello will be performed live.
In cooperation with  Associazione Inclusione Graffio e Parola

The Performance is a tribute to the extraordinary legacy (both artistic and cultural) left us by the Psychiatric Hospital once in Volterra. Simone Cristicchi lends his voice to the letters written by the patients and never posted. You'll be winded by words, "censured" but nevertheless belonging to real witnesses. Their testimonies tell us dramatic stories, sometimes becoming even unreal and funny. The songs performed seems to become in this way just part of these stories, a sort of commas in a long, unique letter/discourse. A letter able to give us a feedback made by images and words; voices flowing outside from the inner walls of mental disease bound together with the sight of society outside, separated and estranged from that world by a gate that marks a boundary trascending his phisical dimension into a metaphorical one.  

C.I.M. - New Tales from the world's Sanitarium  is an all round experience, where irony becomes an instrument useful for being analytical and separate ourselves from modern times' cinism; and where mental disease becomes an element to investigate and reflect about the dismoforts of the reality around us.
Before the beginning of the show, you'll be allowed to take a guided tour at the N.O.F. 4 graffito, the magnificent stone book engraved by Oreste Fernando Nannetti (former guest for more than 30 years of the psychiatric structure) on the wall of the outside courtyard of the mental hospital.  To enjoy this visit you'll have to book first